❀Outline of the Performance:

From 2014 through to 2018, our performance has been presented at the London Japan Matsuri every year and this year we have been invited by the Japan Festival Foundation in the Netherlands to perform there on the 13th October. While we are there we will be performing at a local primary school and the Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag.


 Following this we will make our way to the recovering areas of north-east Japan where the earthquake and tsunami hit in November.


Caught up in world history, a story where one fought for Japan overseas and never lost their pride, another where the Japanese sake brewery ‘Hakurakusei’ was destroyed by the earthquake that occurred in 2011 and its road to recovery and more portrayed by a complete original piano composition with traditional Japanese Noh and western ballet performed on stage originally in London but now in the Netherlands, the disaster area’s in the north-east of Japan and lastly, performing in Tokyo. 


After the performance, we are planning on holding a workshop where the performers teach the audience in close quarters the basic concepts of both Noh and Ballet. We would like people of all ages to be able to enjoy the wonderful art of Noh, Ballet and Piano.


The performances in North-East Japan will take place in:


Friday 8th Nov.  Kesenuma City  Miyagi Prefecture (one coin ticket)

Saturday 9th Nov.  Rikuzentakata City Iwate Prefecture  (free ticket)

Sunday 10th Nov..Tomiokacho Fukushima Prefecture  (free ticket)

Monday 11th Ishinomaki City  Miyagi Prefecture  (one coin ticket)


After these performances, we will perform for the first time in Tokyo on the 17th and 18th November.


The reason behind why we wanted to execute our performance:

When travelling to the north-east of Japan to support the community shortly after the earthquake and tsunami hit, the representative of the executive committee, Jumi Hashidate, came across the primary school in Kesenuma and spoke with the headmaster. Because of the experience she had there, she had the desire to one day come back to the disaster areas of Japan and produce something that would bring happiness to the children. Despite it being 8 years later, we have now come to make this wish a reality.  The friends who also wanted to be a part of this program created an organisation. Most of the members are the supporter of the ‘Hakurakusei  Cup ~Gailene Stock Ballet Competition that took place in a town called Osaki in Miyagi prefecture in 2010. They hold a deep emotional feeling towards the people who have suffered enormously.  

Jumi named the committee with the thought of the English rapeseed flowers, how they have the ability to make you feel warm and at peace. We would like people from all over the world to see the portrayal of the reconstruction through the collaboration of Japanese heart, history and culture through Noh, Ballet and Piano.


The relationship between one another is what we should treasure most.



Reijiro Tsumura


Reijiro is a Kanze styled Noh performer. Graduated Hitotsubashi University. Kanze style, RyokusenKai representative, he holds the title of an important intangible cultural asset in ‘Noh’ (synthesis authorization) . Aside from performing the classics in public performances, he also mentors and trains students who aspire to learn. He has performed in England, Belgium, Spain, Singapore, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Indonesia and many more. He has collaborated with a number of Western musicians, opera singers, ballet dancers, modern theatre and is developing new forms of art.

Reijiro has travelled to north-east japan a number of times to support the reconstruction and to help the people.



Christopher Moore

Founder and Artistic Director

Christopher Moore founded the Ballet Theatre UK Company in 2008 and has since created twelve full-length ballets for the Company including critically acclaimed productions of The Snow Queen, Romeo & Juliet, etc. He trained at The Royal Ballet School and has toured the world with many companies and choreographers. He took early retirement from the stage to focus on his choreographic development and the formation of the Ballet Theatre UK Company. The success of the Company has subsequently lead to the development of The School of Ballet Theatre UK, a training institute that holds the standards and ethos of the company as primary tools for training elite dance students. In his dual role as Artistic Director of the Ballet Theatre UK Company and Principal of The School of Ballet Theatre UK, Christopher is proud to lead the organization forward with a passion for excellence at all levels and a clear focus on the education and development of our upcoming generation of dancers to achieve their full potential and a long and successful career.

 Christopher has been training students with great enthusiasm and has been an adjudicator in competitions all over the world including Japan. The reason behind his collaboration in the performance in Japan is that he hopes to create a smile on peoples faces.

Fusion of traditional Japanese performing arts and European ballet along with original piano musics, the grief of the Great East Japan Earthquake and a thank you to the people of the world who supported the reconstruction of Japan. 


And finally, a stage that expresses the preciousness of life and the joy of living with Noh ,ballet and piano